Our trainings specially designed to meet your needs and requirements in the fast-paced dynamic environment. We will continue to upgrade our training topics in near future.

Indomodex also offers in-house trainings which suits your schedule (business days). If you have further inquiries, please contact us.

No Training Topics Duration
A.1 Financial Modelling Fundamentals and Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis 2 days
A.2 Financial Modelling for Corporate Budgeting and Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis 2 days
A.3 Financial Modelling for Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis 2 days
A.4 Financial Modelling for Non-Financial Managers 2 days
A.5 Financial Modelling for Cash Flow Analysis 1 day
B.1 Advanced Excel Skills for Financial Modelling 1 day
B.2 Advanced Excel Skills for Professionals 1 day
B.3 Dashboarding using Excel and VBA 1 day